Our club participates in many events throughout the year, here are some things we've been up to! 

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The FIRST Basque Club of Utah TXOTX!

The Basque Club of Utah Txotx was a lot of fun! We had a packed house. Excellent food cooked by Jean and Monique Flesher. Sonia Castañon infused some Euskera into the evening through song. She printed the Basque lyrics,  along with their English translation, and the crowd sang together. Thank you to Scion Cider Bar for letting us use your space for our event, and Thank you to the employees at Scion who worked hard throughout the evening, serving drinks and food and also clearing off tables and washing dishes. Thank you to everyone who came early to help unload and set up and to those who helped load everything back up at the end. It was a great evening at our first Sagardotegi dinner and Txotx! Thank you to everyone who came and made this a memorable experience!! 

Korrika 2024

Korrika 2024 in Utah was a success!  We had a group of members, friends, and dogs join and do two laps around Sugarhouse Park together. Thank you to everyone who donated and to all those who participated in the event! We will be using the donations collected to further teach and use Euskara in our club. It’s only through participation that we can keep Euskara alive.

Special thanks to Sonia Castañon, Tony Barajas, Carina Barajas, and Shamar Lejardi for the work they put into the event, including making the Harro Herri neckerchiefs.

Odolki Jana 2024

On Saturday, March 4, we held our Odolki Jana (Blood Sausage Dinner,) and it was a fun event!Our Odolki Jana was a wonderful event! The weather wasn't great, but we still had a fun group of members brave the elements to join us.

We appreciate all who came out to try the sausages that were made by our members a week prior. Thank you to event chair Catherine Barajas, all the cooks, and everyone who helped with the event. The meal was delicious! 

This year, we had an educational activity created by Sonia Castañon, our Euskara director. We all learned about the tradition of making Blood Sausages as well as some new Basque words. Look at the educational flyer here.

We also held our Mini Mus Tournament that morning. Congratulations to Daniel Aguerre and Javier Zamora who won 1st place, and Shamar Lejardi and Johnny Cendagorta who won 2nd!

Odolki Egina 2024

Our annual Odolki Egina was on February 24, 2024. Our club members gathered to carry on the tradition of making blood sausage. It's a fun day full of tasty food, good laughs and good people. A week after the sausage is made, we have a dinner where all of our club members can enjoy the handmade odolkia.

40th Annual Dinner and Dance Fundraiser

WOW! Our 40th annual Dinner and Dance Fundraiser was a blast!  The big surprise of the night was the group dance performance featuring our original dance members from throughout the years, such a great tribute to commemorate 40 years!

We want to send out a huge thank you to all of the people and local businesses who donated to our silent auction, it was a huge success! We also want to thank everyone who supported the Basque Club of Utah by attending the event, and a HUGE thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, chefs, and members who made this event a night to remember!

Annual Christmas Party 2023

The Basque Club of Utah Christmas party was a wonderful evening filled with food, laughter, dancing, singing, and our joyful voices echoing off every wall. Thank you everyone for coming and making it such a memorable time! Special thanks to the Utah’ko Triskalariak for their performance and for setting up the tables, chairs, and decor; to Jay and Pilar Shortsleeve and Jean Flesher for providing the live music; and to our amazing volunteers who helped in the kitchen, at the bar, and with clean-up, we appreciate you!

Thanks also to Alise Skaggs and Caryn Larrinaga for chairing the event.

Basque Club Halloween Party 2023

Our annual Halloween party was held on October 21. We had an AMAZING turnout of people come to this event and we had a blast! There were lots of games including Basque Halloween Bingo, and of course, the food that was brought to the potluck was amazing! Thank you to everyone who came, to those who helped during the event, and to Catherine and Carina Barajas for chairing the event.

Goazen Bicycling Club

Club member Raphael Larrinaga hosted the first official ride of the Goazen Cycling Club on Sunday, September 24 with an 18-mile round-trip ride along Legacy Parkway Trail. They rode from the Mountain View Park Trailhead in Woods Cross to the Starbucks in Farmington Station and back (9 miles each way). They also had a little break for coffee and then they did their return leg. Goazen Txirrindu Taldea!

Carmelite Fair 2023

The annual Carmelite Fair was held on September 17th. The Utah'ko Triskalariak put on an amazing performance. We had two new dancers perform their first Xiberoko Makil Dantza and they did such a good job!

Thank you to Shamar and Robert for volunteering to work at the food booth to raise funds for the Carmelite Monastery.

Basque Diaspora Day 2023

Every year we celebrate Basque Diaspora Day on September 8 together as a club. On this day, we celebrate Basque people and Basque culture around the world.  We had a night of Basque food, music and of course we played Mus at the end! Thank you to Cirbie Dangroniz ad Andoni Shortsleeve for chairing this event!

Basque Club of Utah Annual Picnic 2023

The Basque Club of Utah's Annual Picnic was a fun summer day!

We started with a beautiful mass, the Utah'ko Triskalariak put on a great performance, and we played horseshoes afterwards, congratulations to Andoni and Jay for winning the horseshoe competition!

Thank you to everyone who organized and worked at the event, and thank you to all who came!

Living Traditions 2023

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped at the club’s food booth at Living

Traditions Festival this year! We had a great turn out of booth volunteers and people from

the club who came to the booth to visit. It was a great time for everyone involved.

Special thanks to Trudy and Javier Guerricabeitia, who made over 2400 croquetas for the

club to sell. They were delicious, and we sold out of them the 2nd day! Thanks to the

churro dough makers who prepared 16 buckets of dough the night before the festival.

Thanks to Danny Gaztambide, who saved the churro machine after it broke down on the

first night. Danny was able to temporarily fix it that evening and took it home and worked

on it overnight so it could be back in business on Saturday morning. We were able to

continue to sell our most popular item due to his skills!

We had help with loading and unloading the equipment before and after the festival. We

also had many people who helped all throughout the festival within the booth. Here is a list

of those club members (and friends of the club) who helped throughout the weekend.

A lot of our volunteers worked more than one day, and some were there every day from

Thursday night until closing and clean up on Sunday night! We couldn’t have done it

without you all! Most of all... it was a lot of fun to be able to spend time together!

Thank you to these amazing volunteers!

Nancy & Pantxo Aguerre

Natalia Alvarez

Phil & Jen Archibeque

Linda Bertram

Tony Barajas

Antonio Barajas

Asun Bedialauneta

Scott Berriochoa

Adrian Berriochoa

Carolina Bloem

Sonia Castanon

Dominic, Christina, Elaia, & Xanti Echeverria

Xoledad Flores-Uranga

Danny, Brooke, Mikel, & Madi Gaztambide

Josette & Marc Gaztambide

Melissa Greeno

Trudy & Javier Guerricabeitia

Marie Jackson

Luke Jenson

Stacey & Coleton Kramer

Shamar Lejardi

Alba Martínez García

Scott Maruri

Adam Nester

Larry Osoro

Jayden Trafney

Amanda & Cirbie Sangroniz

Andoni Shortsleeve

Pilar & Jay Shortsleeve

Alise & Jimmy Skaggs

Peggy, Scott, Lizzy, and Ben Stevenson

Susan Uriona Glenn

Javier Zamora