What is the Utah'ko Triskalariak?

The Basque Club of Utah's dance group is called the Utah'ko Triskalariak. They were founded in 1975, around the time that the Basque Club was formed. They perform at many club events, as well as public events in Utah. The dance group also travels to various Basque festivals in other states. The dance instructor, Cirbie Sangroniz, has trained for many years and has visited the Basque Country to learn dances to bring back to the states to teach to our dance group.

Find the Utah ko' Triskalariak on social media!

They have their own Youtube channel so you can view full dances and performances. They are also on Instagram where you can keep updated on upcoming performances.


If you would like the Utah ko' Triskalariak to perform at your next event, 

please email Cirbie Sangroniz