Ongi Etorri!

The Basque Club of Utah was formed in the mid 1970s to cultivate and preserve the Basque culture in Utah. The primary activities of the Club include a Public Dinner Dance, Blood Sausage dinner for members, participation in a Living Traditions Festival fundraiser, Summer Picnic for members, participation in a Carmelite Fair donation, Halloween Party for members and Christmas Party for members.

Zer Berri:

~ The Club's annual Christmas Party was held December 7, 2019.

~ The Club had a Casino Night/Halloween Party October 26th.

~ Congratulations to Sonia CastaƱon who was elected as the new NABO Euskera director!

~ Congratulations to Jean Flesher who was elected by the delegations of NABO, Mexico and Canada to be their representative to the Basque Government!

~ Club member, Jean Flesher recently presented to the Basque Parliament on behalf of NABO.

~ The Club participated in the Carmelite Fair, donated proceeds from the chorizo sales and the dancers performed.

~ The Club celebrated Basque Diaspora Day on September 8th with a Zikiro Besta (lamb barbecue)!