Ongi Etorri!

The Basque Club of Utah was formed in the mid 1970s to cultivate and preserve the Basque culture in Utah. The primary activities of the Club include a Public Dinner Dance, Blood Sausage dinner for members, participation in a Living Traditions Festival fundraiser, Summer Picnic for members, participation in a Carmelite Fair donation, Halloween Party for members and Christmas Party for members.

Zer Berri:

~ The annual Club picnic has been cancelled, but may be rescheduled in September, pandemic permitting.

~ Udaleku 2020 was scheduled in Salt Lake this year, but has been canceled because of the pandemic.

~ The Living Traditions Festival has been postponed from May to September of this year. It has now been canceled!

~ The Odolki Jatea (blood sausage dinner) was held Saturday, February 29th

~ The Club's annual Dinner Dance was held January 25th!